Corporate naturalization projects are becoming more common as businesses advance sustainable development policies that are sensitive to the larger community health goals where they operate. Naturalization doesn’t mean having unkempt grounds where things are ‘let go’. It means building a balanced approach to converting high-maintenance turf areas into attractive, dynamic, bio-diverse and self-sustainable natural habitats over time.


Vale Naturalization Project

A 3.5 acre naturalization project designed, built and maintained by Blue Oak Native Landscapes on the grounds of Vale Base Metals Technology Development in Sheridan Research Park in Mississauga.

Vale Naturalization Project

Naturalized Swale

 A wetland garden created out of a drainage ditch in a residential neighbourhood in Oakville.

Naturalized Swale

Pond Naturalization

Irrigation ponds can be naturalized to increase aesthetics and value for wildlife.

Pond Naturalization Series

Life of the Grove Naturalization Project

Naturalizing the Powwow grounds at the Mississaugas of the New Credit Indian Reserve to improve the health of the native trees which make up ‘The Grove’.

Life of the Grove Naturalizati