Blue Oak Native Landscapes offers residential and commercial landscaping services that celebrate the natural heritage of Southern Ontario.  We specialize in garden design and construction, corporate naturalization and ecological consultation services that help you embrace the beauty of native plants on your property.

The marriage of our passion for native plants and depth of experience and botanical knowledge make Blue Oak a unique choice for your garden or naturalization project.  Contact us to discover the natural potential of your property.

Paul O’Hara is a field botanist, landscape designer and native plant gardening expert.  Since 1991, Paul has worked in a wide variety of horticulture, botanical consulting, ecological restoration and native plant gardening capacities in both the private and public sectors.  Since 2004, Paul has been the owner/operator of Blue Oak Native Landscapes.  His main business activities include designing and building native plant gardens and naturalization projects, habitat inventory, and working with Species At Risk.

Paul was an expert botanical surveyor for the Halton Region Natural Areas Inventory (2004), co-authored the Flora of Halton Region (2006) and has worked on numerous Species At Risk surveys and reports including Hoary Mountain Mint (2000, 2014-2016), Wild Camassia (2001), Few-flowered Club-rush (2000), Red Mulberry (2000-01, 2011), Dwarf Hackberry (2004), Flowering Dogwood (2007), Cucumber Magnolia (2008), Blue Ash (2012) and American Chestnut (2012-2014).  Paul continues to do freelance habitat inventory work for various private businesses and public institutions in Southern Ontario. Paul lives in Hamilton.

Blue Oak Associates

Dale C. Hall is a master landscape designer with over 35 years experience working in the Golden Horseshoe.  Dale taught continuing education courses on landscape design at Mohawk College for 13 years, and is competent in all aspects of landscape construction including custom carpentry, stonework and concrete.

Peter Ramsey is a well-known artist and sign maker.  Peter has worked in all kinds of media including pen and ink, fine painting, murals, mosaics, sculpture, prop making, and custom metal and woodwork.  Examples of Peter’s work can be seen in many communities in Southern Ontario, but are perhaps most visible in the many handcrafted shop signs in the popular tourist town of Port Dover.

Origin of the Name

Blue Oak is a nickname for Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa), a tough, strong native tree common to the clay plains of the Golden Horseshoe.  Bur Oak can be planted in a wide variety of soils and moisture levels in gardens, on streets and in naturalized areas.