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Paul O'Hara is a writer, field botanist, landscape designer and native plant gardening expert. He is the Owner/Operator of Blue Oak Native Landscapes. Paul's business activities include:


  • native plant garden design, construction and consulting

  • botanical surveys and natural heritage interpretation for rural landowners in southern Ontario.


  • field botany services for conservation and commercial purposes 

  • Species At Risk surveying: Red Mulberry, Cucumber Magnolia, American Chestnut, Flowering Dogwood, Dwarf Hackberry, Round-leaved Greenbrier, Hoary Mountain Mint, Few-flowered Clubrush, Wild Hyacinth and White Wood Aster.

Paul's first book, A Trail Called Home: Tree Stories from the Golden Horseshoe, was published by Dundurn Press in 2019. Paul lives in Hamilton.


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